Very last minute halloween make-up

by - October 31, 2015

Hey guys, I know I am not meant to be posting today but as it is Halloween I thought I would share with you a very last minute make-up tutorial for a cat using things you probably already have. Hope you enjoy ...
The first thing you will need is 3 shades of grey I use three but you might not want to use 3. I am using a really old Claire's palette but it is really good for Halloween as it has most colours. Anyway, take the lightest shade of grey and blend I across your whole lid. Then get the middle grey and put it on the outer half of your eye then blend it in to create a smoky(ish) eye. Finally get the darkest shade of grey and just blend it into the crease. I also filled my eyebrows in black but you don't have to. To finish of the eyes add a lot of mascara to make your eyes look a bit like a dolls.
For the whiskers I used a black eyeshadow as I couldn't find an eyeliner but if you have an eyeliner it would probably look better. I put on three whiskers and did a cute little triangle on my nose.
For the lips, I didn't have a black lipstick so I used MAC plumful which is a dark berry colour however if you have a black lipstick you can use that.
Hope you enjoyed this bonus post and thanks so much for your continuous support.
Love Lou

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