Halloween recipes I want to try

by - October 21, 2015

Hey everyone, since it is nearly Halloween and I love baking I thought I would share with you some Halloween recipes that I have found on www.bbcgoodfood.com . Hope you enjoy. xxxxx
The first recipe is a malloween ghost. Essentially theses are just cake covered in marshmallow in the shape of ghosts but I think they would look really nice and cute at a Halloween party.
Image result for malloween ghosts
I also really like the look of the Eerie eyeball pops. To do these you can make some cakepops, cover them in white candy melts then draw the details of an eye.
Image result for eerie eye ball pops
Also on the good food website is saw the chocolate spider cookies (which are pretty self explanatory).
Image result for chocolate spider cookies
The next thing I saw on the website after getting very excited was the toffee popcorn bark - which is really easy to make. Basically you melt white and milk chocolate and then pour it into a tin swirl the 2 colours together then sprinkle toffee popcorn on the top.
Image result for toffee popcorn bark
The last thing I saw was the red velvet finger cake which would look amazing at a big Halloween party or just if your having a night in with your friends.
Image result for red velvet finger cake
let me know if you also liked the look of these recipes and let me know if you try them. Also thank-you all so much for 500 pageviews. I have had my blog for less than 2 months and I have already hit 500 pageviews. THAT IS CRAZY!!!!
Love Lou

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  1. All of them look funny&delicious! :)

    1. There is so many more at www.bbcgoodfood.com


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