Autumn Essentials

by - October 07, 2015

Hey guys, today I am going to be sharing with you my Autumn Essentials with you, Hope you enjoy. xxxxx
My first Autumn Essential is a dark or red lipstick. I have a dark plum shade from MAC in the shade plumful and a red Revlon Colourburst lip butter in the shade 096 macaroon.
A pair of essentials are body scrub and body butter. In autumn my skin gets really dry and cracked so I like to use Soap&Glory Scrub of you life and Sugar Crush body butter. These work really well together and make your skin smell amazing.
Also for chapped lips in Autumn I use the Lush Popcorn lip scrub and baby lips hydrate to prevent and get rid of chapped lips.
Also in autumn I like to use a face mask more often. I find that the Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Face Mask really helps clean my skin without it drying it out.
My final essential is hand cream which I use everyday and it is the Soap&Glory Hand Food. This helps gets rid of any cracked or dry skin on my hands.
Thank-you so much for your support.
Love Lou

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    1. It's only £5.50 from Lush and lasts ages

    2. So sorry I deleted your comment :(


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