Autumn lip essentials

by - October 12, 2015

Hey guys, I thought that because you all enjoyed my Autumn essentials so much I would do one just focussing on lips. I am so sorry that there will be no photos because whenever I try to add them I just deletes all the text so there won't be any photos. Anyway hope you enjoy. xxx

My first Autumn lip essential is the Lush popcorn lip scrub. I have mentioned this so much before so I won't go on too much about it but basically it just makes my lips really soft and stops me getting chapped lips in Autumn/winter. I use it twice a day - morning and night.

Also in Autumn I find that I use my Body Shop lip balm a lot more than usual as they just work really well with the lip scrub. I have 3 of them - and 2 in the scent pink berry and 1 in the scent pomegranate. Personally the pink berry one is my favourite but I know some people who don't like the smell of it.

A lipstick I use a lot in Autumn is the MAC lustre lipstick in the shade plumful. This is a gorgeous red/plum shade which us perfect for Autumn. All MAC lipstick are £15.50 and are available in a wide range of colours that suit any skin tone. 

A lip gloss that I use a lot in Autumn is the natural collection lip gloss in the shade Turkish delight. This smells amazing but also lasts all day without it losing it's dark red colour. Also these lip glosses are really cheap -they are only £1.99!!

Thank you so much for reading. Love you all so much. Let me know what you did today in the comments. xxxxx
Love Lou

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