Brand Focus : Soap & Glory

by - October 03, 2015

Hey everyone two I thought I would do something a little different and do a brand focus for you all. Hope you enjoy. xxx

The first product I like from soap&glory is The Scrub of Your Life. This scrub has the original Soap&Glory scent and is only £7.00. This scrub I think is one of my favourite body scrubs because it really helps my skin without it being too harsh. I only used it on my body but you could possibly use it on your face if you didn't have sensitive skin. I recently ran out of this so I desperately need to buy a new one. 

A shower gel from Soap&Glory I love is Foam Call. this has the fruitigo scent. It is £6.50 for 500ML. I did a full review of this in my September Favourites if you Wang to check it out.

A body mist I really like is Mist You Madly which also has the original Soap&Glory scent and I in lauded it in my Favourite Scents In love it so much. It is quite a light mist but it lasts for most of the day. These come in 2 sizes - 100ml and 250ml and I have both. Each of them are reasonably priced. The 100ml one is £4 and the 250ml is £ 6.50. I have had my 100ml in my bag for about a year and I still have some left in it.

The final product I will be sharing with you is the Sugar Crush body buttercream. I use this most days and it makes my skin really soft and smell really nice. They are £10.00 and last for ages I have been using mine for about half a year and it isn't even half way through.

Let me know if you liked this post and want me to do another.
Love Lou
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