Cadbury world haul

by - October 17, 2015

Hey everyone, today I am going to be doing a bit of a different post because it isn't to do with beauty. Anyway today I went to Cadbury World and I picked up a few bits so I thought I would share with you what I got. Hope you enjoy. xxxxxxxxxxx

The first thing I picked up was not chocolate and it was a freddo teddy bear highways only £2.99 but was so cute that I couldn't not buy it.

As I was wandering around the shop and I noticed that there was on offer of 120g bars ( 3 for £2.70 ) so I picked up 3 , dairy milk Oreo , dairy milk Daimler and dairy milk bubbly.

Also they had the Christmas range in so I picked up a dairy milk winter edition which was £1. Basically it is milk and white chocolate in the shape of Christmas trees. Also from the Christmas range I picked up stone dairy milk snow bites and these were 99p for a 90g bag but you could also get a bauble filled with smaller bags for £3 something.

The last chocolate items I bought were 2 marvellous creations bars - Rocky Mallow Road and Jelly Popping Candy. These were 55p each of 10 for £4.

The last item I bought was a 190g bag of Jelly Babies which were only 95p and I love jelly babies so I had to get them.

Thank you so much and I hoped you enjoyed this different type of blog post
Love Lou

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