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by - October 02, 2015

Hey everyone today I am going to be sharing with you the products I really want to try from the Lush winter collection (Halloween and Winter products). Lush have got a lot of different products this year so I am really excited to try them!! Also let me know if you want me to do blogmas I know I have already done a mini post about it but I thought I would double check if you want me to do it or not. If you do just share this on google+ or leave a comment or email me. Hope you enjoy. xx Also there will be no pictures as obviously I haven't tried these products yet. 
The first thing I want to try is from the Christmas range and it is the Bar Humbug bubble bar. This is done in the Brightside/ The Comforter / Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds style. It is purple and white swirled and has silver glitter on the outsides. It is £3.65 and from the size I have seen on pictures it should last 3-4 baths. It smells of liquorice and has organic illipe butter in it.
The next product I want to try is a Halloween Bath Ballistic and it is called Lord of Misrule. It is a regular round bomb that is bright green. This was a product last year but I didn't get it last year so let me know if it was good. It smells of patchouli and black pepper oil but it also has in it vanilla and popping candy!!! It is £3.95 and as it is a Bath Ballistic I only last one bath.
A Christmas Bath Ballistic I want to try is Star Dust and this is in the shape of a white star but the inside is blue. It has in it vanilla and rosewood oil and I am really excited to use this. It is one of the cheaper bombs as it is only £2.95.

The final product I want to try is the Santa's Belly shower jelly. This is a basically a shower gel in jelly form but it is red with little stars in it which looks so cool. It is £3.95 for 100g and is also available in alcohol free.

There are a lot of other products I want to try so let me know if you want a part 2. Hoped you enjoyed. Sorry for it being a bit of a shorter post.

Love Lou

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