Skincare routine

by - September 24, 2015

Hey everyone I decided that today I would share with you my skincare routine. I don't have a really long skincare routine but I thought I would share it with you anyway. Hope you enjoy.
First of all I cleanse my face with the Simply Sensitive Foaming cleansing face wash. This is really good for cleansing my skin without it being too harsh
. However, I don't take my eye make-up off with this because it makes my eyes a little bit sticky. To take off my eye make-up off with the Simply Sensitive eye make-up remover pads. These take off eye make-up so easily but they aren't too harsh that it hurts my eyes.
 I then use the Simply Sensitive Cleansing Face Mask. This mask is so good as it cleans my skin without it being aggressive on my skin. This is great for reduce under skin spots (if you know what I mean by that).
 Then to moisturize my skin I use the Simply Sensitive hydrating moisturizer all over my face. I use this all over my face as it moisturizes my skin but it doesn't make my skin greasy like with some other moisturizers. This moisturizer is really cheap and affordable but it is as good as any other moisturizer. Then finally, I put Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula on the dry areas on my face as if I put it all over my face it makes it really greasy. I put it on my cheeks as it also reduces the redness.
Cleanser - £2.69
Face Mask - £3.19
Eye make-up remover pads - £3.19
Hydrating Moisturizer - £3.49
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula - £4.15
All of these products are available at Boots -
Thank-you so much for your support.
Love Lou

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