5 favourite drugstore lip products

by - September 27, 2015

Hey everyone I know today is not a regular upload day but today I have had my blog for 1 month but I wanted to thank-you for all of your support so I am going to be sharing with you my favourite drugstore lip products as a bonus post.

1- Revlon Lip Butter
These lip butters are so creamy and they are really pigmented. They come in a variety of shades I only have one but I am definitely going to be repurchasing it and hopefully buying more. I have the shade 96 macaroon. They are £7.99 and are available in Boots and Superdrug.

2- Barry M matte me up lip crayon
I only have 1 of these in the shade 2 and all though it is matte it is still really moisturizing. There are 5 shades but they are completely different colours and they would suit any skin tone. They are £4.99 and can be bought at Boots and Superdrug.

3- Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick
These lipsticks are shiny but one that I have is matte and it is the shade Pink Mallow/ They are quite moisturizing but they aren't as moisturizing as the Revlon lip butters. These are only available at Boots and they are £1.99
4- Rimmel Colour Rush
I have one of theses in the shade 100 Give Me A Cuddle which is a really nice bright/Barbie pink. They don't really last all day but they last for 2-3 hours so they are perfect for a short meeting etc. They are available at Boots and Superdrug and they are £5.99.
5-Kiko Deco Delight lipstick
I don't really know if this counts as a drugstore product but I wanted to include it anyway. I have the shade and it is really nice and it is a pink/red colour with lighter pink dots down the whole lipsticks that when they come of they just lighten the colour but it is still really nice. This is only available at Kiko and I got it for half price as it was on offer at the time when I got it but it is usually £3.90.
Boots - www.boots.com
Superdrug - www.superdrug.com
Hope you all enjoyed this bonus post and thank-you so much for your continuous support. Love you all so much
Love Lou


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