Favourite Scents

by - September 25, 2015

Hey everyone I am going to be sharing with you my favourite fragrances. Hope you enjoy... xx

1-Zoella Beauty Bissful Mistful
This is a really light spring/summer scent as it is a really floral scent. It is available in Superdrug and on feelunique and It is £ so it is quite reasonably priced.

2- Katy Perry Royal Revolution
This is a really good year long scent as it smells of vanilla and pomegranate but no scent really stands out and they all blend together to make a really nice scent

3- Soap & Glory Mist You Madly
This has no standing out scent because it just blends together to make a really nice summery scent.

4- Hollister Solana Beach
This is a really floral scent but it isn't a really powerful scent but it isn't too subtle. This scent stays put all day and doesn't really lose it's scent.
Boots - www.boots.com
Feelunique - www.feelunique.com 
Superdrug -  www.superdrug.com
Thank-you so much for reading. Love you xxxx
Love Lou

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