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by - September 05, 2015

Hi everyone... So today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite lush products.
My all time favourite Lush product is The Comforter bubble bar. If you don't know what a bubble bar is it's you crumble a little section into the running water and it makes loads of bubbles. The Comforter usually lasts 4-5 baths as it is a little bigger than the other bubble bars. The Comforter is £4.75 but personally I think it's really worth it. The Comforter smells like berries and contains bergamot oil.
The next product is also a bubble bar this one is called Milky Bath. Until recently, Milky Bath was an Oxford street only product but a couple of weeks ago Lush released some of the oxford street  products and one of them was milky bath. Milky Bath is a really moisturising bubble bar that has orange oil, cocoa butter and skimmed milk in it. Milky bath is £3.75 and it lasts about 3-4 baths.
Intergalactic was also an Oxford Street product. Intergalactic is a bath bomb so this is used all at once and doesn't make bubbles but it turns your bath a really pretty colour and smells amazing. It smells of peppermint and has popping candy in it that explodes in the bath. Inter galactic is £3.95 and is a really pretty dark / normal blue with silver specs of glitter.

Another of my Lush favourites is Avobath which is a light green coloured bath bomb it has avocado in it but it doesn't smell that much of avocado as it has other things in it like bergamot oil and lemongrass oil. Avoabath is £3.35 and it turns your bath a light/lime green colour which tiny little specs of silver glitter.

Mmmelting marshmallow moment is also another of my favourite Lush products. It is a bath melt so it slows melts away in the bath and is really moisturising. It is pink and once it has all melted it turns your bath and pale pink. Mmmelting marshmallow moment is £3.95

The final product I am going to share with you is a shower cream called The Comforter shower cream which is the same scent as The Comforter bubble bar. The shower cream is pink and has tiny multi colour sparkles in it but when you use it the sparkles don't come off onto your skin. For 100g it is £4.75, for 250g it is £9.50, for 500g it is £15.95 and for 1KG it is £27.50.

Lush website -- https://www.lush.co.uk/

Thank you for reading

Love Lou


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