The Highlighting Dream Team!

by - May 29, 2017

I picked up these little beauties at the start of May and I still cannot get over how perfect they both are!

First of I'll have a lil' ramble about the actual highlight. It is the NYX illuminating powder in the shade 04 - Ritualistic. I had seen this a few times on Instagram but whenever I went in store, it was always old out! But one time, whilst browsing through my NYX stand I spotted it and I was the very last one and I was so happy because I had been looking for months! This shade is a mainly white highlight but it has warm undertones and the shade is really unique so I knew I just HAD to have it!

The pigmentation of this is insane! You can either apply this with a highlighting brush (either fan or regular) or your finger - using your finger create a much more concentrated, shocking highlight whereas using a brush create a more natural, glowy look. It lasts all day and doesn't dissolve into pure glitter like some of the other high street highlights. 

I think using this brush has majorly contributed to how much I love the highlight. This is the Spectrum A10 Small Fan Brush. (I know it's called small fan but it's actually the perfect size! If it was any bigger, it would too big!). This brush was £4.99 but I ordered it on the last day to use their birthday month promo so I got 20% meaning it was only £4! The shipping was £3.99 for standard and even though I got mine after a bank holiday (It was ordered on Saturday night and was delivered on the following Friday morning). 

Anyway, this brush is perfect. It lightly dusts on highlight - not to much and not too little. The brush itself is really soft (even softer than the Real Techniques brushes - I know, crazy right?!). It's just the perfect brush - I've got nothing bad to say about it at all! I ended up ordering from Spectrum because I found there wasn't really any high street brands selling good quality fan brushes so I thought I'd look online instead! Because I ordered online I was quite sceptical as to the size, quality, etc. but I was really pleasantly surprised and I will 100% be ordering from Spectrum again!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading, and I will see you all again very soon,

Love Lou

Links and Prices -

NYX highlight - £9.50
Spectrum A10 Small Fan Brush - £4.99 (I paid £4 and shipping is £3.99)

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  1. The highlighter sounds amazing and the Spectrum Fan brush is so so pretty😍 Loved this post x

    1. It is amazing! Thank you so much x


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