Review : Tanya Burr's Martha Moo

by - May 17, 2017

I have loved this liquid lipstick for a long time but I've never got around to doing a review so that's exactly what I'm going to do today!

I love everything about this, especially the formula. It's formula is pretty comparable to that of the NYX soft matte lip creams as they both have that buttery feel on the lips. It's really pigmented and doesn't flake of the lips like I find the Barry M matte me up's do a little bit. I love this formula and I would definitely love to buy some more of these 


 This picture doesn't do the shade any justice and makes it appear quite red toned but it is 100% a peachy pink tone. However, it's not one of those pinks that you can only wear in summer as it's really bright, it's more of a subtle, all year round pink (that probably makes no sense at all! I'm rubbish at describing colours). Also, if you want a glossier lip just add a little bit of lip balm over the top and it kind of turns into a more coral-y toned shade which is really nice for a bit of colour in summer.

But most of all, the thing that makes me LOVE this liquid lipstick is the longevity! It lasts all day and only needs a little touch up after eating but lasts perfectly through drinking. It sits really nicely on the lips and doesn't feel heavy - I honestly feels like you have nothing on your lips!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon,

Love Lou

Link to product on Superdrug - £5.99
Link to product on FeelUnique - £5.99

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