Top 5 : Lush Bath Bombs

by - January 03, 2016

Hey guys, I recently did a Top 5 : Lush Bubble Bars and you all seemed to like it so I thought I would do my Top 5 : Lush Bath Bombs. Hope you enjoy. xx
1- Golden Wonder
 This bomb is a limited edition Christmas bath ballistic/bomb. It is a box shape and it is designed to look like a present which I think makes it look really Christmassy and makes you feel really Christmassy when you have it in the bath. It is gold and sparkly on the outside so it does make the bottom of your bath quite sparkly! It is one of the slightly bigger bombs and it is £3.95.
2- Yog Nog
Yog Nog is another Christmas limited product (£3.95) and smells like honey and toffee so it is an incredibly sweet scent and as you know I love my sweet scents. This also has a matching soap, FUN bar, liquid perfume and solid perfume. Yog Nog is white with a gold colour on the top and bottom. This was a new product this year and I was so excited for it.
3- Think Pink
 This is an all year round product, I have used this for many years now and it is definitely one of my favourite products from Lush. It is bright pink and has cute little flowers on the top that separate from the bomb in the bath. It also contains pink heart confetti which disperses into your bath as the bomb fizzes away. It smells of vanilla and also has Tonka bean and lavender in it which creates a fruity/sweet scent. This is one of the smaller bombs so it is only £2.65.
In summer last year (2015) a lot of Oxford Street exclusive products were released into all lush stores and intergalactic was one of them. The lovely people in lush said they creators had designed this to look like someone in the Rise Of The Guardians bath. I love this as it is a dark blue with bright specks in it which makes your bath look lovely. It is one of the regular sized bath bomb and it is £3.50.
 This is also an all year round product and it is also one of my favourites. Also when this bomb is combined with the comforter bubble bar it makes your bath smell like the sweeties Refreshers!!! As this is an all year round product I like to use it in Summer with the Comforter as the Refresher scent is really refreshing! It is a regular sized bomb and it is £3.35 and it is also Vegan!
I hope you are all having a lovely new year so far and I hope you enjoyed this post.
Love Lou

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  1. Great post! My favourite bath bombs used to be Space Girl and Granny Takes a Dip but of course, they are the two the decided to discontinue :( I also love Think Pink and Yog Nog but my favourite right now has to be Twilight xx

    1. I used to love Granny Takes a Dip as well. I am so sad they discontinued it. I have never tried Twilight but I might try it out. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Love Lou xx


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