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by - January 24, 2016

Hey guys, as you may know I managed to get some of the items from both Gabbie's Primark Ranges so today, I thought I would share with you the bits I managed to pick up

Home-ware Range (no longer sold)

The first thing I managed to pick up was the duvet set. At first I was sceptical as to whether it would fit in with my colour scheme but it fits in perfectly. It has a creamy base with mint green, grey and pink triangles all in pastel colours so they aren't too bright. On the other side it is grey with different sized white triangles on it - I don't use this side as much as the other side. The pillow it comes with has a little cat face on it with the words "Lets Sleep In!" and the other side has the same mint green, grey and pink triangles. Before purchasing this duvet set I had never tried any Primark duvet's so I didn't know what quality of product I was going to get but to my surprise it was really soft even before it was washed!

I also managed to pick up the Nellie Cushion. If any of you didn't know Nellie is Gabbie's cat. The background on both sides in the coloured triangles but they are a lot smaller. Then on one side it has a white Nellie and on the other it has a black Nellie so you can change it round depending on the colour scheme of your room. This was also really soft and the cushion inside is really comfortable!

I also managed to get the rose gold fairy lights. These are battery operated and there is 8 lights in total. They are clear spheres but the top half is covered with rose gold sequins. They give of a really nice glowy, warm light which is great at night - they are actually quite bright! These so far have lasted 6 months and I have not yet needed to replace the batteries.

The final thing I got was the Cat Face mug. This a clear glass mug with a cute cat face on it in pink, black and mint green (can you see the colour theme??). This is a really thick cup and the handle on it is just the right size. It just about fits a can of fizzy drink but it is right at the top so I recommend half emptying the can and then top it up because otherwise you may be at risk of spilling it.

Stationary Collection (still sold at time of writing)

The first thing I got was the stationary set. This has in it 6 sections each with different things. First, in the section across the top there is 6 bulldog clips in 3 different colours. The pink one says love, the grey one says laugh and the mint green one says live. These are super cute and would be great for clipping together blog paperwork etc.  In the left hand section underneath that there is a pad of sticky notes that says note it down at the top and has 11 lines in black and white (the black lines all have little pink cat faces on them. In the section next to that there is 6 paperclips in 2 styles - speech bubbles and hearts. I thought this was a really cute twist on an otherwise quite boring thing. In the long section next to that there is 2 blue ink pens. One has the coloured triangle design and the other has the grey and white triangle design. In the bottom section on the left there is a white oval rubber that has the words "Errr...Delete" I thought this was really cute and the pink writing is also a little bit metallic looking so it's really cute. The final section is the one next to that has 6 Nellie pins in it all in different colours. They are all really cute and I use them on a cork board I have to hang my necklaces etc.

The second thing I got from the collection was the pencil set. This is 6 pencils, 3 with the coloured triangle pattern and the other 3 with the grey and white pattern. I have used these a couple of times now and they sharpen really well and the led doesn't break very easily.

The final thing I got was the mint green" Sparkle Like A Diamond" notebook this is really cute and is A5 I think so it would fit nicely in your handbag as a blog post planning book etc. This has lines in it which I really liked because I can never write straight without lines!
Sorry! The picture is upside down. It flipped itself around

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out Gabbie's Main Channel, Vlog Channel and her blog!

Love Lou

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