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by - January 31, 2016

Hey guys, as you probably know if you have read my blog for a while ( hey if you are new ) I am a huge Lush fan and I usually have a fair few Lush products in my collection, so today I am going to be sharing with you all of the Lush bits I have at the moment. I hope you enjoy. xx (P.S. most of the products will be Christmas Limited products. Sorry xx)

Shower gels/creams/jellys:

Currently in my collection, I have 2 shower gels, 1 shower cream and a shower jelly. The 2 shower gels I have are Happy Hippy and Snow Fairy (Christmas Limited). Happy Hippy is a really nice refreshing scent so it  is good to wake you up in the morning. It has in it Grapefruit and Bergamot oil in it so it's a really nice up-lifting scent. Snow Fairy, is probably every Lush fans' favourite. It is probably the sweetest scent you can get but it isn't too over powering. It reminds me of a cute little sweetie shop in a cute little village (odd description there Lou).  Shower Creams are pretty similar to shower gels but they are a little bit thicker and a little more moisturizing. Anyway, I have The Comforter Shower Cream and hence the name it smells like The Comforter bubble bar. It is a really fruity berry scent but it isn't too over powering. It does however leave it's scent on after you have your shower/bath. I wouldn't recommend this as a bubble bath as I know a few people who tried to use it as a bubble bath and it didn't do anything! The shower jelly that I have is also a Christmas limited product (sorry!!) but I thought I would include it anyway as it is part of my Lush Collection. If you didn't know what a shower jelly is - it is a shower gel that is in a jelly like consistency and you flop it out of the top onto your hands and then you rub it between your hands or break a bit off and you can use it as a shower gel and I think you can also use it as a shampoo! What really intrigued me by this one was the fact that when you flop it out of it's tub it looks like a snowman! Anyway, this smells of Sicilian lemon and has in it Bergamot oil. If Lush re-release this again in Christmas 2016 I will definitely be purchasing it!

Yog Nog:

Again, this is a Christmas limited product (sorry!). This is a Bath Bomb with the nicest cinder toffee scent you could ever imagine! Usually, I am not a huge fan of cinder toffee scents but this is probably one of my most favourite scents from the Lush Christmas Collection (2015).  I obviously haven't used this yet but every person who I know who has used it says it makes there skin feel really soft and they didn't need to use a moisturizer on top of it. By the looks of the photos that others have shared  it turns your bath a golden yellow colour that looks like a little sun in your bath!

Five Gold Rings:

This is the last Christmas Product!!!! It is a reusable bubble bar - 5 golden rings on a string. You don't crumble these in to your bath, instead you swish them under the running water and it makes lots of bubbles. The only downside of these I can see is that they are covered in glitter so on your first bath with them prepare to get a bath covered in glitter!! Oh well! These are vanilla and Tonka scented and they seem quite moisturizing (they just look like they will be moisturizing!?!).

Unicorn Horn:

This is a product you need to get quickly if you want it because it is Valentine's Day product and everyone wants it. It's Unicorn Horn. Whenever, I went into Lush this was always out of stock but when my parents went into Lush they managed to pick me one up - there was only 2 left! I definitely recommend asking your local Lush to maybe reserve you one if they can (via Instagram etc). Anyway this is a multi-coloured swirl that is designed to look like a Unicorn Horn (hence the name). I think about every Beauty Blogger goes crazy trying to get this each year !

Big Bang:

This is probably one of the brightest coloured bubble bars from Lush. It is bright blue with pink stars on the top! I find something really intriguing about brightly coloured products! It is citrus scented so it is quite a good scent for Spring/Summer. All the pictures that have been posted on Instagram and snapchat etc. shows it gives baby blue waters and loads of bubbles.

The Comforter:

As you probably all know, this is my all-time favourite favourite Lush product. It is one of the bigger bubble bars from Lush - it is pink and white swirled (the original Lush design). I don't want to ramble on about this because I know I talk about this a lot so click here if you want to read more about it.

Thank you so much for reading,
Love Lou

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