My Favourite Bath/Shower Products

by - January 13, 2016

Hey guys, I haven't really done a post like this before as I have focused on specific brands so today, I thought I would share with you my favourite bath and shower products. Hope you enjoy! xx
Soap&Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner
I don't think I have ever mentioned these products before but they are absolutely amazing! I used to use the minis of these when I went on holiday and it is only recently that I purchased the full size. You could use the shampoo and a different conditioner or a different shampoo and the conditioner or you could use them together. Either way, it makes your hair really glossy and shiny without it making it look greasy. They are suitable for all hair types and they are actually quite affordable - the shampoo is £5.50 and the conditioner is £5.50.
Soap&Glory Scrub of Your Life
I have used this scrub quite a lot now even though I have never mentioned it before. It is really good at getting rid of the skin cells but it isn't too harsh so you may be able to use it as a face scrub. It comes in a tube which is quite different compared to the other S&G scrubs which come in a pot but I feel like this makes it easier to use as you don't have to worry about water getting in it. I think it is in the original S&G scent which is one of my favourites.
Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter
I promise you this is the last S&G product - hehe. I use this body butter most nights. I also have a mini size in my collection for when I am away as I get quite dry skin when I am on holiday.  This comes in in 2 sizes - regular and travel/mini. Although the mini actually has a lot in it to say it is a mini size. This is a really thick body butter so a little definitely goes a long way with this. This again, is in the original Soap&Glory scent.
The Comforter Shower Cream
I mean, you all knew this was going to be on the list - I talk about it too much so I am going to keep this short. Basically, if you didn't know this is in the scent of my favourite ever bubble bar from Lush - The Comforter and it isn't called a shower gel because it is slightly thicker and creamier than a regular shower gel. It smells like berries and is the best thing ever!!! It comes in a lot of sizes ranging from 100g to 1000g!!!!
TreacleMoon That Vanilla Moment
You guys know how much I love vanilla so when I came across this I automatically fell in love with it. It smells vanilla-y yet it has a sweet smell. It is a really different smell but it is really nice. It is also a really nice colour - not exactly what you look for in a shower gel but oh well.
Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar
I love these - even though I have only tried the one in the original scent but all the reviews say that the Tutti Frutti range is just as good. Personally, the Tutti Frutti range is my favourite scent but I do like the original scent as well. If you don't know what a fizz bar is it is a rectangle a bath bomb and you break a square off - just like chocolate hehe - and pop it into your bath and it fizzes away.
Thanks so much for watching. I love you all loads and I will see you soon.
Love Lou.

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