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by - January 29, 2016

Hey everybody, today I am going to be sharing with you which bits I have managed to get from Zoella Beauty. I hope you enjoy. xx

Original Collection (Still Sold at Time of Writing):

The first thing I got was the Fizz Bar. A fizz bar is a huge bath bomb that looks a bit like a chocolate bar and you break off 1-2 squares and plop them in your bath and they fizz away leaving a beautiful (and relaxing) fresh and floral scent. It has 8 squares and I only use 1 at a time so this would last me 8 baths. I think this is great compared to other bath bombs I have tried (apart from Lush).

I also got the Blissful Mistful body spritz and this lasts all day without the scent fading at all. The only little complaint I have about this is that the product leaks out of the top if you tip it a little and the pump doesn't really work that great so I would probably buy the solid perfume just because for me the leaking is a bit of an issue

The other thing I have from the Original collection is the Wonder Hand hand cream.  I use this 1 or 2 times a day and it has replaced my Soap&Glory Hand Food which I used to love (and I still do love it but in my opinion this cream is better). Obviously this is the same fresh/floral scent that the fizz bar has because it is in the same collection.

Tutti Frutti Collection (Still sold at time of writing):

The only thing I have from the Tutti Frutti Collection is the Foam Sweet Foam shower gel. This collection smells really fruity and would be great in Spring/Summer as it is really fresh but kind of smells sweet at the same time. This is the usual shower gel consistency and it isn't too runny but it isn't too thick.

Christmas Collection (No longer sold):

The first thing I got from the Christmas Collection is the rose gold vanity case. The body of this is clear with a rose gold lace pattern going across the top and bottom of the case. The top of it is rose gold with cream polka dots which look really pretty. It holds a lot of stuff and I actually keep all of my Zoella Beauty products in it!

Another thing I got was the fizz bar trio. This is 3 half sized fizz bars all in really different unique packaging which I think made it look like a really cute gift. Each fizz bar has 4 squares in it so over all the set gets 12 baths if you use them 1 at a time. This is in the Original Collection set.

The next thing I have is the Bath Bombinis. I keep these on my Dressing Table as I mentioned in my Dressing Table Tour Part 1. This has 8 bombinis in it which are individually wrapped in rose gold foil. Each bomb is circular and it is in the Original Collection scent.

The final thing I have got is the Two Balmy. This had in it 2 tinited lip balms. The Vanilla Cream scented one is a corally pink colour which is going to be great in Spring/Summer. The Sweet Mint balm is a nude shade which isn't really that pigmented so I like to build up the colour to make it slightly more pigmented - this shade would be nice to wear at school etc.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you again on Sunday,
Love Lou

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