Products I want to try : Soap&Glory Edition

by - January 27, 2016

Hey guys, today I am going to be sharing with you all the products I want to try from Soap&Glory. I hope you enjoy! xx


The first thing I want to try is the Daily Smooth Body Butter. I have tried quite a few of the S and G body butters and they are all really moisturizing. This body butter is in the Mist You Madly scent and that is one of my favourite scents from S and G so I think I would love this.

The next product I want to try is the Whipped Clean shower gel and moisturiser all in one. This interested me - how is it possible to have a shower gel and moisturizer in one!?! This would be really good for travelling as you could just take this and you don't have to worry about moisturizing. It is in the Rich and Foamous scent which smells of biscuits!

Another product I want to try is The Daily Soothe which is a soothing bath float. It is kind of a gel but it is also quite liquidy?? You pour a little bit of this into your bath and it creates lots of bubbles!  It is also stress relieving so it would be great at the end of the week after work/school.

I also want to try Pulp Friction body scrub. All the reviews say it is a great scrub but it isn't too harsh. This is in the Fruitigo scent which is fruity and has fig powder and peppermint oil in it and I thought that was really interesting.


A lot of people talk about how good the Thick and Fast mascara is. It comes in 3 types - Original, HD and Flash Extensions. It claims to give your lashes length, definition and drama .The packaging of it is also gorgeous. Also all the reviews say it lasts all day without clumping or flake.

People also talk about Lid Stuff. This is a quad with gorgeous nude shades that you could use for everyday or the colours could be built up to be quite dramatic if you are going on a night out. All the reviews say that I doesn't crease very much but it lasts even better if you wear a primer with it.

The final product I want to try is the It's About Prime lid/shadow primer. This comes in 2 colours - Bright and Light (a nude shade) and Smokey eye (a grey shade). I found it really cool that it came in 2 colours and there is on for doing a smokey eye!

Thank you so much for reading,
Love Lou

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