Best Drugstore Nail Varnishes

by - January 05, 2016

Hey guys, I know I don't talk about nail varnishes that much but I am a huge hoarder of nail varnishes. Today, I am will share with you my favourite nail varnishes from the drugstore. Hope you enjoy. xx

The first nail varnish is Barry M in Raspberry. I had this on my nails over Christmas and it looked really festive as it was a deep red/burgundy. I applied 3 coats I think and a top coat and a base coat -  it lasted about 1 week before chipping a little which was quite good!

A completely different nail varnish I love is the Kiko nail lacquer in 525. This is a gorgeous glittery pale blue and I cant wait to get it back out of my drawer in Spring! All the Kiko nail lacquers only need about 2 coats and they are super quick drying which is quite handy!

A more summery varnish is the Seventeen lasting fix in Orange Soda, this a really bright orange which is really complementary to a tan so I always use this in summer. All the Seventeen nail varnishes are quite affordable as they are £2.99 but unfortunately they don't sell this shade any more but if it was I would definitely repurchase it. :(

A slightly darker shade is the Maybelline Colour Show in Marinho - 103. This is a lovely dark blue that I think is a little shimmery but I'm not 100% sure as I haven't used it in a while but I don't know why as it is a beautiful colour. All the colour show polishes are really highly pigmented and only need a few coats.

The final polish I am going to share with you is the Kiko nail lacquer in 362 and this is a slightly shimmery classic red which looks great in autumn/winter. Like the blue shade it is really quick drying and it isn't very opaque.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Love Lou

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    1. Thanks for the tag - I think I did it in October last year but I will be sure to do it again xx

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