Review : Soap and Glory Glamorama Set!

by - January 06, 2017

Hey everyone,

I'm back with a review of the Glamorama set from Soap and Glory that one of my lovely friends got me for Christmas!

This set has in it :

  • Supercat Eyeliner
  • Thick and Fast Mascara
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss in Charm Offensive
  • 3 Eye Shadows in : Okey Smokey, What a Night and Foil in Love
  • Glow-All-Out Illuminating Face Powder
  • An eye shadow brush
  • A brush for the Glow-All-Out
  • One really big mirror!!!
This set is literally perfect I has nearly everything you need to create a day or night look!

Lets start with the eyeliner... My regular eyeliner is the Supercat Skinny and I honestly can't tell much difference between the two. The only slight difference is the tip of the regular Supercat is slightly less flexible which I actually prefer! The other day, I used Supercat Skinny to draw the liner across my lash line and then the regular Supercat to do the wing. Personally, I think they are a winged eyeliner dream team!!The quality of the product itself is also incredible! I lasts all day without flaking or fading over time.

The next thing is the Thick and Fast Mascara. This is the High Definition Collagen one but I don't really know what the rest of the thick and fast range is like, so I can't compare it to them, but to me it is just like most other good high street mascaras I've tried. But, I absolutely love this mascara. It makes you lashes so long and fluttery but without making them too fake and clumpy!! The brush is also pretty thin so it's perfect for doing both top and bottom lashes.

The lip product in the set is the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in the shade Charm Offensive. This is a dark pink, almost berry shade that isn't really pigmented but it does add a nice tint and gloss to the lips. It also has a slight shimmer running through it which is a nice change to my regular matte lipsticks.

The eye shadows in this palette are some of the best drugstore shades I've tried. The shade Okey Smokey is a matte silver/grey that is the perfect base for a gorgeous smoky eye. The shade What a Night is more blue toned and looks really nice in the crease with Okey Smokey over the lid. The final shade, Foil in Love, is a really glittery version of the shade Okey Smokey but it also has a slightly blue-ish side to as well. The pigmentation of these shades is amazing, within just a few minutes you can create the perfect smoky eye because they are just so easily blendable and they apply perfectly.

The brush for these shadows is double ended, but to me both ends look identical, so it don't real see why it needs to be double sided.. Anyway, the brush itself is pretty small, but it's nice for inner corner highlight, and blending out under eye shadow. However, it is a perfect size for travelling.

The last product in this set is the Glow All Out luminising face powder. I have been using this as a highlight recently, and it is so gorgeous! It adds a gorgeous shimmer, but as the product itself looks pink in the pan, it adds a sort of pink-y glow as well, so that's a really nice extra. When applied with the brush in the set, it does look very pink, so I do have to blend it out with another brush, but it doesn't take much to blend it out.

And lastly, there's the mirror. The mirror is the whole top part of the set so it's pretty huge.

Overall, this set is perfect for any make up lover, especially if they love travelling as it has nearly everything you need for a gorgeous polished look but it's still really thin and easy to pack.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading, and I will see you all very soon,

Love Lou

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