Blogmas Day 3: Christmassy Q and A!

by - December 03, 2016

Hey everyone,

As Christmas is my favourite time of year, I thought I would be a good idea for me to do a q and a so you could get to know what I love about Christmas and why. Enjoy! xx

@beauty_lils on instagram asked:

What is your favourite thing about Christmas and why?

Ooohhh, this one is hard. I'd have to say probably seeing all my friends and family and just having time to be together... and I can't forget the food ;)

@gracekate on instagram asked:

What is your favourite Christmas present you have ever received?

How could I ever pick one!!! I have got to say my laptop - because without it my blog would never have been created and I would never have discovered my love for writing!

@alohaitslily on instagram asked:

What is your favourite Christmas Decoration?

It has to be the santa posters I put on the doors that my Grandpa gave me a couple years back!

@girlabroadblog on instagram asked:

Ultimate Christmas Lip Colour?

I love a dark berry lip so I either use MAC's Plumful or Kiko Free Spirit in 105!

@itscaitlinx on instagram asked:

Favourite Festive Film?

I'm going to be completely cliché and say Elf - it's just so good!

@_elizabeth_coyle on instagram asked:

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

This is really, really hard... I think it probably has to be baking our Christmas cakes with my Grandma and Mum every year!

So, thank you so much for watching, and I will see you all again tomorrow,

Love Lou

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  1. I'm really loving your blogmas Lou- its like another advent calendar ahha xx I LOVE ELF SO MUCH!

    1. Awwww, thank you so much! Elf is just the best isn't it!


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