Update : 5/7/16

by - July 05, 2016

Hey everyone,

So...let me answer the question I know will be sat on the end of your tongue. Where have you been?

And truth be told, I don't really know. I just got swept up in a whirlwind of "normal" life and just didn't have time to do the think I love most: blogging.

Having time off blogging made me realise the amount of emotional attachment I have to my blog(and of course, all of you lovely readers). It really made me reflect on how much time and effort I hade/have invested in my little nook of the internet. But most importantly of all, it made it blatantly obvious that I cannot see a time in the foreseeable future where my blog is not a huge part of my life. To me, that just seems wrong.

It goes against everything I wanted to achieve when I first opened this blog in summer last year.

My words, used to flow out of me like a waterfall and then all of a sudden it turned into the Sahara desert. No words, but more importantly, a lack of inspiration, commitment and passion. I felt as though this came across in my posts. I have all the hope that this short break will have bought back the seamless flow of words.

Also, I am preferring to write, in this more natural style rather than:

This product...

This product...


So, now that my little ramble is out in the open, my normal posts will resume from tomorrow with some birthday related posts.

Thank you so much for sticking by me and being one big incredible family. You all mean the world to me. Every single one of you....

Love Lou

You didn't think I was gone... Did you?

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