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by - July 25, 2016

Hey everyone, today won't be as upbeat as normal, but still as important to me. I won't do a massive intro to this so.... lets get into it :) xx

A few months ago, I did a collab with the lovely Amelie (El) and Marti (Pink Smarties) and the response I got was so overwhelming - you guys went crazy for it! (Click here if you haven't read it) Obviously, I don't want to do posts like this all the time so that's why I've left it a few months before doing another one.

Personally, I feel as though teenage girls (and boys for that matter) feel as though that have to fit into this ludicrous social standard - and I think this is down to social media. Don't get me wrong - I think social media can be a wonderful place if you use it correctly, which most teens now a day don't.

Big brands and companies (mainly makeup, beauty  fashion related) create new advertising campaigns on a daily basis. This means that teens are constantly being influenced by campaigns. They see the billboards, they see the tv adverts. But what most people don't realize is, they are fake. Let's be real : no one can look like that without the help of Photoshop or some form of computer editing.

Most people aspire to be like them. Thinking 'i wish I looked like that' or 'why can't I look like that'. And to be completely honest: you can't. The men and women in adverts get edited so much that sometimes they become fake. That must be hard on the models, knowing that have to be Photoshopped before their pros can be plastered over billboards or streamed on millions of tv's worldwide.

This world has become a very scary place.

I think: that everyone should be seen as beautiful no matter what past, present or future they have, everyone and I mean absolutely everyone should be seen as beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you do a post similar or based on this, let me on via Instagram or in the comments.

Love Lou

Please, please please, spread the word about this post and similar posts, we need to change society's mindset. xxx

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  1. loved this post! I completely agree with everything you're saying - the influence of the media can chip away at people's confidence, especially teenagers. I'd never thought about it from the models perspective before - but you are so right, it must be hard for them to have their photos edited. Shared on Google+ Xx

    1. Thank tou so much! I feel like it's a very delicate subject for most teens. It needs to be addressed more for teens and the models sales. xxxx

  2. Funnily enough, on the last week of school, our teacher had booked us an ICT room in order for us to work on a project based on dangers of the internet and I decided to base my project on the influence the media has on media. From what I had researched, the media in ways can influence positive benefits such as anti-bullying,youth depression, suicide and encourages having healthy lifestyle. But, there are obviously also bad influences such as "body image",smoking, drinking, cyber-bullying etc,etc. Therefore, there are most definitely mixed emotions with influences of the media.

    Very interesting subject to touch up on!

    #sweetreats xx


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