Birthday Shopping Haul!

by - July 13, 2016

Hey guys, on my birthday, I went shopping so today, I thought I would share with you, the bits and bobs I got. I hope you enjoy this post. And, I will see you very very soon :)

Nivea Cleansing Water for Dry/Sensitive skin = £4.29

Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin = £4.09

Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin = £4.19

Quick Fix Calming Clay mask for Sensitive and Red skin = £4.99

Soap&Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub = £8

Soap&Glory Supercat Skinny eyeliner = £6.50

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul = £5.50

NYX Buttergloss in Angel Food Cake = £5

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer = £4.49

H&M Burger and Fries Tee = £7.99

The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Gel = £2.50

LUSH Fizzbanger Bath Bomb = £3.75

LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar = £2.95

LUSH Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar + £4.95

Hersheys Kisses = £3.49

Hersheys Cookies and Crème Drops = £2.99

Miss Selfridge Ring Set = £8.50

Skinny Dip Case (From Topshop) = £12 (For those of you who are interested its the Chubby Unicorn case)

Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you all very very soon,

Love Lou

QOTP - What is your favourite LUSH product?

AOTP - The Comforter :)

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  1. these look lovely. Your blog is looking so pretty! the comforter is one of my favourites too Xx

    1. Thank you! It's the best isn't it! xxxxxx

  2. Great post Lou,I love Hersheys! My favourite Lush product is Twilight bath ballistic xx

    1. Thank you! I didn't used to like twilight but I tried it again recently and I love it now!


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