Blogmas Day 20 - DIY Christmas Decorations

by - December 20, 2017


You lot love a DIY post so I'm sharing with you some quick and easy DIY decorations!

Christmas Tree Garland:
This one is so simple! All you need to do is cut out little triangles of different coloured paper and stick the tip of one to the bottom of the next. Hang them vertically and they look like super cute little Christmas trees! Also, if you're the arty type you can decorate each triangle.

Christmas Bookshelves:
There's always those bits of wrapping paper left over at the end of Christmas so if you have an open bookshelves, either cover the whole cover or just the spine to get a Christmas bookshelf make over!

Festive Pinecones:
This one will be great to get any kids involved with. Go out for a walk in the woods and try to find some nice, dry pinecones. Use different coloured card to cut of features of Christmas figures (you could do santa, elves, reindeer or snowmen, the list is endless!)

Personalised Tree Decorations:
This one's a little more complex. Take some polystyrene balls and thread some ribbon through one point with a needle and thread. Then, either cover the bauble with wrapping paper of drawing on it if you're arty! Leave a blank space on the middle section or use a white label. Write the name across the blank space and hang on the tree! It doesn't take too long but looks really effective.

Footprint Reindeers:
If you've got kids this one if perfect, not only as a decoration but as a little keep-sake. Get a white canvas and some coloured paint (gold or red looks really effective) and dip the foot into the paint and press onto the canvas. Add some antlers using a brown pen, some googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'll see you all tomorrow,

Love Lou

If you make any of these recipes make sure to post it on instagram and tag me - @louloves01 - and use #louloves01 so I can see it!

*All ideas are my own, any replications of technique are coincidental*

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