Blogmas Day 2 : Top 5 Gifts Under £10

by - December 02, 2017

I did this post last year and you guys all seemed to love it so I'm back doing it again for you all this year!
The first product(s) up are the two Liz Earle mini gift sets. I think these are the perfect thing for someone who you know loves more high-end skincare or maybe someone who's never tried it before because I feel like these sets are the perfect introduction to luxury skincare. The first set is called the "Smooth Escape" set which has a mini gentle face exfoliator, a mini intensive nourishing treatment and a muslin cloth. The second set is called "Find Your Balance" and has a mini gentle face exfoliator, a mini deep cleansing face mask and a sponge. Both of these sets are £10 - really pushing the limit there!!

The next set is from Sleek and has a 6ml Matte Me Up lip cream and a 11ml nail varnish (I think they're both full size products but I'm not 100% sure!). They're both in a gorgeous classic red which is perfect for the festive season! This set is £8.50 but compared to the price of Sleek's regular products, that's pretty good value.

The third product I have chosen is the Jack Wills set of 8 English Velvet shower gel pods. This is a new thing I've seen this year and quite a few brands have been doing it this year. Basically the concept is that each pod has enough shower gel for one use which I think is such a good concept for if your going away for a couple of days and don't want to take a big bulky bottle! This set of 8 is £6.

I also thought that I'd put a men's product in here as well! I chose the Ted Baker Duo set (£8.50) which is exclusive to Boots. It has the refined and invigorating hair and body gel as well as a body spray. I really liked the packaging of this as well because I think the black and gold makes it look really sleek.

This final product is probably my favourite of them all! It's a festive hot chocolate mug that comes with 2 packets of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows which makes it absolutely perfect for a the perfect Christmas hot chocolate! And, it's only £8.50!

I hope you're all enjoying Blogmas so far and I hope this post helped you. Thank you all so much for reading and I'll see you all again tomorrow,

Love Lou

All links are on each individual products.

*Disclaimer - None of these photos were my own and were all found on*

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  1. i am loving your blogmas posts so far!! this has given me inspiration for one of my upcoming posts!!xx

    1. Thank you! Wow, that's insane, i'm so glad you took something away from the post xx