Blogmas Day 13 - Winter Beauty Essentials (w/ lovesophblog)

by - December 13, 2017

I always love reading other peoples winter essentials. So, my and Soph (from lovesophblog) to share out beauty essentials with you! Read Soph's blog here

My absolute holy grail moisturiser is the L'Oreal hydra genius for dry/sensitive skin. This stuff is amazing on dry winter skin and has been my saviour these past few months. It's a water based moisturiser so it glides on the skin really nicely and skins in to make your skin feel silky smooth in no time! I love L'Oreal skincare because they have such high quality products but they're all really affordable!

Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are a staple for me during winter! When it's cold and snowing outside, there's nothing better than having a nice soak in the bath with a good book and a bubble bar or bath bomb! Lush's Christmas collection is always off the scale amazing and smell absolutely insane! My favourites are candy mountain bubble bar and golden wonder bath bomb!

MAC's plumful lustre lipstick is the perfect pink/berry/mauve that is perfect in winter if you don't like dark shades or if they don't suit you. Because I'm quite pale I tend to find that some darker autumnal don't suit me and make me looker paler than I am! This is a great alternative for me because I still live a good berry lip!

For my base make up, I always find myself reaching for the L'Oreal true match foundation and concealer! This is because even when my skin is a little dry and red, this combo can cover it super quickly. They're both so easy to blend which makes them really good for people just starting out in make up. I have the shade 1.5N in the foundation and 1N in the concealer and they really are a true match!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you all tomorrow,

Love Lou

Soph's post
L'Oreal hydra genius
Lush Christmas
MAC's plumful
L'Oreal true match foundation
L'Oreal true match concealer

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