My top 3 nude lip products!

by - March 24, 2017

Hey everyone,

You probably all know this, but I am a complete sucker for a good nude lip. So today I'm sharing with you my top 3 favourite nude lip products!

My high end favourite nude is MAC's matte lipstick called Mehr. This shade is not a true nude and it's more of a pink nude than your stereotypical "nude nude". This is my all time favourite MAC lipstick as it just think the colour pay off is amazing. The shade it is when applied is also very true to the colour in the bullet which is one of the things I really love about it. Although some people moan about the dryness of the matte lipsticks from MAC I find that this one is actually pretty moisturising. It feels very similar to a regular lipstick but it looks very, very matte which for me is the best of both worlds! This is £16.50 like all MAC lipsticks but I think that is pretty reasonable when you compare the quality to some drugstore alternatives.

One of my favourites from the drugstore is Tanya Burr Cosmetics' lipstick in Pink Cocoa. When Tanya released her lipstick collection, Pink Cocoa was the most sought after shade in the whole collection and after months of trying to find it, I managed to get my hands on it! The pigmentation is incredible and the shade itself is gorgeous true brown/pink nude. This is the perfect lipstick in any look - you can pair it with a soft eye for a day-to-day look or with a bold eye for a more dramatic evening look. The formula is also one of my favourites from the drugstore, it's really creamy and moisturising - it almost feels like a balm but doesn't have the same greasy look as tinted balms do. The retails at just £6.99 which is incredible considering the quality and longevity of the product.

My final favourites is the newly released Barry M Matte Me Up lip kit in Pose. I'm very aware I've spoken about this a whole lot recently so I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible but make sure you click here if you want to see my in depth review of it. Anyway, this a new product from Barry M that contains a lip liner and liquid lipstick - pretty similar to those of Kylie Jenner's but these are much more affordable, retailing at just £6.99 for both products. The shade of this is a perfect dusty rose nude that is more a strong night look than a subtle day look but it could be either to be completely honest, it's not one of those shades that you can tell straight away when you would use this. This is matte but it doesn't feel dry or flaky on the lips at all - it doesn't really feel like there's anything on your lips!

Thank you all so much for reading, I love you all so very much, and I will see you all again very soon,

Love Lou

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