London Haul!

by - March 29, 2017

Hey everyone,

As you will all probably know, I went down to London for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, so today I'm sharing with you everything I picked up whilst I was there!

First off I went to Lush Oxford Street and picked up quite a few bits but so far I have only tried one thing so I can't really share my thoughts on them so far, but I am planning on doing a blog post later on the year sharing with what I thought of all the products.

Anyway, I picked up :

The product I have tried so far is Sacred Lotus which is a bath bomb in the shape of a flower. The bottom half of it is a shimmery white and then on the top it's a flower with a big yellow centre and purple flowers. From the look of the bath bomb, you wouldn't expect it to turn the bath water a glittery rose-y pink! The 3 main scents in it are Neroli, Jasmine and Tonka so it's quite a mix of sweet, herby and floral scents. This is one is £4.25 which I wold pay I in a normal store for it but considering the fact that this is an Oxford Street exclusive it's pretty good for the price.

Finally I picked up a new case from Skinny Dip which was in Topshop on Oxford Street. I have always been a fan of Skinny Dip as I feel the case are really sturdy and last for a really long time. The one I picked up has the signature skinny dip clear back which turtles on. But, to make it even better, the turtle's shell is holographic and the rest of the turtle itself is glittery! It was £14 which is pretty much the standard for their cases. (For those of you wondering, I have a 5s (also the same size as the SE) and it fits perfectly. Click here for the case that fits the 5/5S/SE

Thank you all so much for reading. I hoped you all enjoyed this little haul, I love you all so much and I will see you all again on Friday!

Love Lou

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