Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit Review!

by - March 17, 2017

Hey everyone,

I have mentioned this product quite a lot recently so today I thought I share with you all of my thoughts on it!

This lip kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The shade that the liquid lipstick looks in the tube and when it's drying (it looks really pale) but when it's completely dry it's identical to the shade on the bottom of the lip liner ad you can see above. The liquid lipstick is slightly lighter than the liner but I really like that as it creates a kind of ombre lip look!

This product is really long wearing and lasts most of the day, up to whenever you eat. It stays on pretty well through drinking but for some reason it fades pretty quickly when you eat! But, as soon as you reapply it, it looks incredible again and stays on until next time you eat. It's not drying at all but I do recommend still applying a lip scrub ad lip balm on underneath. To also stop it from looking flaky, use good ol' Kylie Jenner's tip and just use one layer of liquid lipstick and don't try to build it up!

 This shade is pose which is one of the boots shades along side 2 others and then there is 3 more colour available at Superdrug as well as liquid lipstick solos. It's a dusty pink nude that would suit any skin tone and it fits into any look perfectly - in a natural looks or with a bold eye, it just looks incredible!

A lot have people have said that these lip kits are incredible Kylie Jenner Cosmetics dupes but I've never tried any of Kylie's products so I couldn't really comment on the similarity in quality or any similar shades. However, the packaging of the individual products look a lot like Kylie's and the lip liner also looks similar to the MAC lip liner packaging!
Thank you all for reading, I love you all so very much, and I will see you all again on Monday,
Love Lou
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