3 Holy Grail Skincare Products!

by - March 08, 2017

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I last had a good ol' ramble about skincare so here are my 3 holy grail products...

First off we have the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This product is a complete staple of mine and I think it should be for everyone. They do this cleansing water in 4 types : PureActive (£4.99) , Oil infused (£5.99) , Combination & Sensitive (£4.99) and Even for Sensitive. I have the "Even for Sensitive" one which is designed for all skin types even sensitive skin types like mine. They remove make up really well and you don't have to scrub or rub at your face at all as it literally melts it all away. This type comes in three sizes : 125ml (£1.99), 400ml (£4.99) and 700ml (£7.99) , but the other three varieties only come in the standard 400ml size.

The next products that I couldn't live with out are face masks. I have been completely loving both the Good Things Pore-Fectly clear mask - £5.99 (for all skin types) and Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay mask - no longer sold - (for sensitive and red skin). The good things mask is incredible at getting rid of blocked pores and makes your skin feel really clean and refreshed. It also has caffeine in to make your skin look really bright and hydrated. This mask also goes really tight which I quite like as it makes it feel like it's really working and getting rid of all the dirt from your pores.  The quick fix mask really helps to re-hydrate your skin and minimise redness. I love this to calm my skin and make it look really smooth and feel really soft.

Finally, I am forever obsessed with the Nivea Rich Regenerating night cream. This really hydrates your skin but doesn't make it feel greasy or like it's completely covered in moisturiser. Also, unlike some other moisturisers I don't wake up with my skin looking greasy or - on the other end of the scale - feeling really, really dry. This retails at just £4.19 and it lasts me anywhere from 3-6 months so it's probably one of the most affordable drugstore moisturisers.

Thank you so much for reading, I love you all so very much, and I will see you all again of Friday,

Love Lou

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