January Empties!

by - February 01, 2017

Hey everyone,

To me, January is very much a month of finishing off odds and ends of products that you have lying about. So today, I have a lot of gorgeous products that I've finished this month! This one's going to be a long one...

I've got a few a lot of bath/shower products so I think we'll start off with those...

The first product I've finished is the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera Bath and Shower Cream. This is one of my favourite bubble baths ever - it creates so many delicately fragranced bubbles that I just can't get enough of! I think this is about my 5 bottle of this and it definitely won't be the last! Also, unlike some other drugstore bubble baths, the bubbles last for a long time. I feel like with some other bubble baths the bubbles just pop straight away which is really disappointing - good job this one is nothing like that! Also this retails at just £5 which is incredible for how long this product lasts me and the actual quality of it!

The next product is the Hollister Crescent Bay Body Wash. I have had this in my drawer since late 2015 and I have only just got round to using it! It is the most gorgeous floral scent but it has a sweet edge to it as well which I really like because I've never smelt anything quite like it before! I used this as a body wash for the majority of the time but on my last use of it, I thought I'd use it as a bubble bath and see what happened and I was really surprised! It made so many bubbles that carried the scent which others don't do so I was actually really happy! This is a little bit pricier (£11) but it's definitely worth it.

Another Zoella Beauty product I've finished recently is the Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salts. I've loved
using these with the Bath Latte bath milk which is also from the Sweet Inspirations collection. These dissolve in the water and make your whole bathroom smell absolutely divine! This collection is actually my favourite scent and I have been wanting Zoe to release bath salts so I was so happy when they were released in this collection. Also, there is a little sticker to reseal the packet which I thought was so cute! These are probably one of my most favourite products from Zoe and they are so affordable - they are just £6.

A scent that I have finished is the Ted Baker Body Spray from the Pink collection. This is probably one of my most favourite scents ever and I was so upset when this ran out (good I've got a spare 2 still in my drawer)!! I have this in a mini and I have been using it most days for a good 2 moths so I was really impressed with how long it lasted - I'd love to see how long the full size lasts! The minis are only £3 which is pretty good if you think how long it lasts for.

The final product I have run out of (and the only make up product) is the Seventeen Stay Time concealer. For me, this is the best concealer of all time. It matches my skin completely and it is a really buildable quality that looks flawless and not cakey at all. This is just £4.49 and so so affordable because there's some high end concealers that are, double, even triple the price and the quality isn't even that much better!

So, thank you all so much for reading, I love you all so very much, and I will see you all again on Friday,

Love Lou

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  1. Lovely post, and the zoella bath salts look so cute! xox

    1. Thank you! The packaging of all of Zoe's products are just gorgeous! The salts come with a little sticker for the bag that says "reseal me!" - how cute??!??


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