How I wash my Make up Brushes!

by - February 15, 2017

Hey everyone,

It occurred to me the other day that I've never shared with you lovely lot how I wash my make up brushes! So, here you go...

I wash my brushes every week if possible, but at the most every two weeks. I just find that this keeps them in the best possible condition


First off, I run warm water into the sink and squirt in some of the Johnson's Baby shampoo so it bubbles up a little. I then line up as many brushes as possible around the edge of the sink. (If you can't fit them in, you'll need to repeat this with the ones that won't fit in). I then just leave them to soak in the water for 5-10 minutes. This just starts of the cleansing process and makes them easier to clean later on.

After they have been soaked, I take out all of the brushes and line them up on tissues across the floor. I then drain out the water in the sink and one by one I clean each brush.

I do this by squeezing out some baby shampoo onto my hand and swirl the brush in it. I do this until there is no more product coming out of the brush and it looks nice and clean. I then rinse it under warm water and squeeze out all of the soap suds.

Next, I mould the brush back into it's normal shape. Then I line them all up on tissue along my dressing table so they can dry naturally. However, if you need the brushes pretty soon after you've washed them, you can use a hair dryer on them, just like you would on your hair.

Beauty Blenders:

When I first started using beauty blenders, I didn't really know how to clean them and I couldn't find many posts that told you how to wash them, so I thought I'd pop it on the end of this post.

So, I put the shampoo onto the beauty blender and work it in and keep squeezing it out under warm water. I do this all over the sponge until it's completely clean (well... as clean as possible! haha). Then , I just leave it to dry with the other brushes!

So, I hope you all enjoyed this post, and it was of use to you! I love you all so very much, and I will see you again on Friday,

Love Lou

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