10 Songs in My Head

by - August 17, 2016

Hey everyone, a couple of weeks ago, I was reading the lovely Emsi Rose's blog and I stumbled upon a post called "10 songs in my head". Today, I thought I would do my own version of it - go and check out Emsi's post here. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you all very very soon. xx

Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes

"I don't know to stop, but slow it down"

Crybaby by Fickle Friends

"Rethink everything. Sorry don't mean the same"

Yours by Ella Henderson

"But with you, I've learnt to just let it out"

Kill 'em with Kindness by Selena Gomez

"Your lies are bullets, your mouths a gun. And no war in anger, was ever won"

Ruin by Shawn Mendes

"Do you, do you think about me at all"

Don't let me down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

"Right now I need a miracle. Hurry up now I need a miracle"

Cheap Thrills by Sia

"I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight"

Riptide by Vance Joy

"I wanna be your left hand man"

Imagination by Shawn Mendes

"I want to tell you how beautiful you are from where I'm standing"

Close by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo

"Space was just a word made up by someone who was afraid to get close"

Thnk you so much for reading and I will see you all again very very soon,

Love Lou

(I had to resist to make this just Shawn Mendes songs. Haha)

Qotp- What is your favourite song right now?

Aotp - Never be Alone by Shawn Memdes

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  1. Smashing post Lou, it's great to hear what music you're into. Just a quick note, would you be able to email or dm me asap about out collab, I can't get it up for Friday sorry hun. xxx



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