My Blogging Routine // Collab with Marti

by - June 03, 2016

Hey everyone, today I am back with any other collab. This collab, is with the lovely Marti so click here to check out her post. Today, I am going to be talking you through my blogging routine, I hope you enjoy and I will see you very very soon. xxx

1- Write down ideas

I am a person that loves to write things down, so as soon as I think of an idea I jot it down on a day in my planner and that's pretty much it until the week before that post goes live.

2- Plan the post

The next thing I like to do is write down notes connected to that post. So, for example, on this post I wrote down the names of the steps I wanted to do and some key points.

3- Take photos

A lot of bloggers like to take photos after they have written a post. I like to do it before as then you don't have to sit with the physical product, you can look at a picture of it instead.

4 - Transfer photos

As I don't yet have a camera to take photos on, I email the photos to myself which I then download onto my laptop, ready to add onto the post.

5- Write the post

This is pretty self explanatory, I just sit down with my laptop, my notes and photos and just write the day away. I often like to write the post the day before it goes live, I don't like the pressure of writing it on the day.

6- Spell Check and Proof Read

I didn't used to do this, when I started blogging, but now I make sure I do. (In the past I have been known to say " I will highway you very soon". It is so important to read through posts so you don't make yourself look really strange like I did haha.

7- Add in photos

Again, there isn't much to say about this, apart from I just click the little photo icon in the corner and import my saved files.

8- Schedule the post

Obviously, if I have pre-written a post, I may forget to click the upload button the next day, so to stop this from happening I always schedule all of my posts.

9- Share on Social Media

As soon as a post goes live, I always share it on my social media platforms. If you want to know where to find me, I have a page on it, so click the "Contact Me". Also, let me know if there is any other social media platforms you want me to get.

10 - Reply to comments

About a day after my post has gone live, I reply to every single one of the comments you guys leave as they just mean so much to me. You took your time to write them., so I should spend some of my time, replying to them :)

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you very very soon,

Love Lou

QOTP - Which is your favourite season?

AOTP - Summer!!!!

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  1. Loved collabing with you hun, great post as usual! My favourite season is Autumn xx


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