Top 5 most used products

by - November 08, 2015

Hey guys, I saw this post recently on another blog but I can't remember who's it was. anyway here are my top 5 most used products. Hope you enjoy. xxx
1- MAC lipstick in Plumful
This lipstick I have been using this lipstick since mid august. Its a gorgeous plum shade perfect for autumn / winter. I mentioned this lipstick so much but its just so good because it lasts all day and is really moisturizing.
2- Vo5 heat protect spray
I use this every other day when I dry my hair and it just keeps really stop and prevents heat damage.
3- Royal Revolution by Katy Perry
This is probably one of my most favourite perfumes ever. I use this nearly every day all year round.
Full review here
4- Smashbox full exposure mascara
I use this mascara nearly everyday because it gives a really natural look but you can build it up to more of a doll eyes look. First impressions here.
5- Lush The Comforter
I don't know if this counts but it is one of my favourite lush products because it lasts so long and smells so good. It also looks really pretty.
Thanks so much for reading. xx
Love Lou

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