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by - November 25, 2015

Hey guys, as you all probably know I am a huge fan of lush and I have been for ages, so today I am going to be doing a brand focus on lush. I will be reviewing my favourite products and hopefully give you some advice on which ones I think smell the best. Hope you enjoy. xx (sorry for no pictures) :(
The first product is the Comforter bubble bar which I talk about a lot but for those of you who are interested it smells of berries and is pink and white swirled. I usually get 4-5 baths out of this. I usually crumble in about a quarter but sometimes I don't crumble that much in so I might get more baths out of it. The Comforter is £4.50 but I think it is definitely worth it as it is slightly more expensive than other bubble bars but it is a lot bigger than most.
The next product is a limited edition Christmas product and its called Peeping Santa. This is again a bubble bar but this one has 2 sections to it. It looks a little bit like a strawberry with cream in the middle but is also designed to look like a santa hat with white in the middle and the cutest little bed. This is a fruity scent with bergamot and geranium oil in it so it makes your skin really soft. I get 3 baths out of it so it's one of normal size bubble bar. It is £3.95
Another product I love from lush is Yoga bomb. This is a bath bomb I love. This has recently been released from the Oxford street store and I was very excited to buy and use this. Obviously you can only get one bath out of it as it is a bath bomb so you put it in whole. It is £3.95 and has a wonderful woody smell.
I also love The Comforter shower cream which is obviously the same scent as the bubble bar but it is a shower gel. It come is 4 sizes and smells amazing!!!
The final product I will be sharing with you is milky bath bubble bar. This was also an oxford street product until recently but it is now in every store. It is really moisturizing as it has skimmed milk in it. The lovely people at lush told me that it is their most moisturizing bubble bar. It is £3.75 and lasts for3-4 baths depending on how much you put in.

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