Tips for new bloggers

by - February 10, 2016

Hey guys, today I am going to be sharing with you some tips for new bloggers. As I have been
blogging for nearly 6 months I have accumulated some knowledge about the world of blogging and I thought that you may find it helpful if I shared my knowledge with you. Hope you enjoy! xx

Use Google+

I have had a google+ since I started my blog and I have found it really helpful and it makes connecting with your audience a lot easier. It means that you can follow back the people who follow you and can hopefully discover some amazing new blogs. If you didn't know my google plus is Lou Loves 01 but click here to go straight to it.

Join Communities

I have found that joining communities on google plus drives more traffic to your blog and you find some really good blogs and discover blogs that you may have not discovered before

Connect On Social Media

This leads on from the last point and I like to connect to my followers on google+, Pinterest etc. By the way if you want me to get any other social media let me know in the comments. All my social media accounts are listed in the "Contact Me" page along the navbar.

Comment on other blogs

After you have found blogs on google+ etc make sure you go to their blog and leave a comment containing your URL so they can visit your blog in return. I found I get more traffic from blogs in my niche and on the same amount of followers.

Find your niche

When I first starting blogging I didn't know what a niche was never mind finding mine. For tose of you who don't know what a niche is it is what sort of post you upload e.g. Lifestyle, Beauty, Baking, Blogging, Fashion etc. After I established what a niche was I settled on beauty but I also loved baking so I occasionally throw an odd baking post in. Let me know in the comments if there is any baking posts you want me to do.

Post what YOU want

I have found this has effected me a lot and at one point I was just posting what I saw on other peoples blogs and they weren't really posts I enjoyed writing but know I make sure I enjoy writing each of my posts and I am not influenced buy the current blogging "trends". Blogging should be a hobby not a chore.

Plan posts

I make sure I plan posts before I write them - I make notes in a little note book. I find that then when it comes to writing posts it makes it a lot easier and I don't have to worry about what I am going to post as I plan months in advance (I am currently planning for mid-March)!!!

Get a regular posting schedule and time

This just makes sure readers know when you are uploading and know what time to come and check on your blog so for example I upload on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5pm GMT.

Write posts in advance

This takes a lot of stress of the day when you upload the post, I used to panic if I don't have posts written and now I know most of the time I have my posts pre-written in my "POST BANK".

Don't expect millions of views

I didn't do this but I know a couple of people who have and all I can say about this is any view is a bonus.

Use your own photos and natural lighting

Honestly, it is not worth possibly losing your blog over a photo. You may as well take a few moments to take a photo and if you can always use natural lighting as it improves the quality of the photo. Try taking the photos in front of a glass door or window.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has helped you,
Love Lou

If you have any other tips please leave them in the comments below.

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