Top 5 : Lush Bubble Bars

by - December 28, 2015

Hey guys, as you all probably now, I am a huge Lush fan so today I thought I would share with you my top 5 bubble bars. Hope you enjoy. xx
1- The Comforter

You guys probably guessed this would be in my top 5 as I mention this a lot but it's so good!! It smells like berries so it is quite an all year round scent - I always make sure I have at least 1 in my collection. The Comforter is an all year product and isn't limited to a certain time of the year. It is also one of the larger bubble bars and I get 4 to 5 baths out of it and compared to other bubble bars that is quite a lot. It's £4.95 and a lot of people say it is over-priced but I think it is definitely worth it.
2- Milky Bath

I also mention this product a lot but I am still really excited about it. In about August some of the products from the Lush on Oxford Street in London were released into all the lush stores and this was one of them. It is one of Lush's most moisturizing bubble bars and it actually contains milk! However as it is so milky it is hard to crumble and it all sticks together but once you have got the knack of it it's actually quite easy. This one is £3.75 and it lasts about 3/4 baths.
3- Brightside

I don't think i have mentioned this before but it is quite similar to The Comforter as it has the same design - swirled but in different colours. However, this one smells of oranges and all the bubble bars in this design smell quite fruity. Again this isn't a limited edition product and is £4.95 the same as The Comforter and lasts the same amount of time as The Comforter.
4- Magic Wand

This product however, is a limited edition product. This product comes out with the Christmas range each year. It is a pink and silver glittery wand that you swirl in the bath whilst it's running and it smells like snow fairy. I get 7 or 8 baths out of it so it is definitely worth the £5.25 it costs. It also has a little bell attached to ribbon which is tied onto the stick but obviously if you find these annoying whilst swirling it in the bath you can just un-tie the ribbon to take it off.
5- Pop in the Bath 

This bubble bar is an all year round product and it isn't limited edition. Recently, when the new products were released this one was re-released with a new formula and colour. A lot of people didn't like this and they complained that the colours looked too fake. Personally, this didn't bother me as it was still the same product and if anything it made your bath look nicer. This is one of the slightly smaller bubble bars as it lasts me about 3 baths but it is also a slightly cheaper bubble bar as it is £3.45.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I am now back to my usual post days - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you very son.
Love Lou

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  1. I also LOVE lush far too much and actually have all of these products (bar Milky Bath) in my collection right now. My favourite is the comforter. xx

    1. Have you ever tried milky bar - it's a great product. xx Love Lou


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