Blogmas 2: Yankee Candle Christmas Collection

by - December 03, 2015

Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 2. Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourites from the Yankee Candle Christmas Collection. Hope you enjoy. xx
The first candle is Snowflake Cookie. This candles scent is pretty self-explanatory- it smells of cookies and it is pink. I love the scent because it smells like you have been doing some Christmas baking.
Another candle is Berry trifle. Again this one is also quite self explanatory. It smells of berries and vanilla - I love vanilla if you didn't already know so this candle is probably my favourite out of the bunch.
One of my favourites is Sparkling Cinnamon. Obviously, this is cinnamon scented so this literally smells like Christmas in a jar. It is also quite a festive colour as it is a dark red/burgundy.
Candy Cane Lane is another of my favourites out of the collection. It smells like snowflake cookie but also has peppermint and vanilla in it so overall it is a very sweet and festive scent.
I also love Christmas Eve which smells of sugared plum and candied fruit. This one is obviously quite a fruity scent as it has plum in it but it is definitely very Christmassy and not very summery like some other fruity candles.
My final favourite is Sugared Apple and this one is obviously apple scented but it isn't a typical apple scent as it is quite a sweet scent as it is sugared apple not ordinary apple.

Let me know if you want me to do more posts like this.
Love Lou
Yankee candle website

Sorry this was a bit of a shorter post and there was no photos. xx
Also let me know your favourite in the comments.

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  1. Hi there. Love your blogmas!
    How lovely to have a collection of Yankee candle.
    Its expensive here in Malaysia and candles isnt our 'thing' :(

    Would like to visit my blog and support each other :) Let me know !
    Love your blog, btw :)


    1. Hey, thank you so much. I will definitely check out your blog. xx

  2. Would love to see pictures of the candles!
    Charlotte //

    1. Sorry xx I didn't have all of them and the lighting was quite bad. Love your blog xx


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