Blogmas Day 13: 5 Under £5 Challenge

by - December 22, 2015

Hey guys, I have seen this challenge floating around the internet so I thought I would give it a go. I am however, putting a twist on things - I have never used these products so I can discover new products as well as you. This does mean that there will be no photos but I hope you enjoy it
1-  Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Some of you may be surprised that I have never used this - but I definitely want to. Basically it claims to remove nail varnish in 1 second. Although it may not quite be one second everyone who has used it says it takes of nail varnish really quickly and they wouldn't go back to using normal cotton wool and nail varnish remover. Basically, this is a little pot and you put a finger in and leave it in for a few seconds. Then when you take it out all your nail varnish should be removed. This is just under the budget - £4.99. 
2- Collection Divine Lash Mascara

This mascara comes in 2 types -waterproof and regular - and both are under budget. The regular is £3.99 and the waterproof is £4.99. This mascara claims to give your lashes a fluttery / false lash effect in 1 coat. This mascara would be great if you are just starting out in make-up as this is a really affordable mascara and all collection mascaras I have tried have been really good. Collection also claim that it is really highly pigmented and won't loose colour through-out the day so this would be good for someone at school/uni as you wont need to bother taking it with you as you can just apply it in the morning.
3- Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick

This lipstick comes in 10 shades varying from nudes to pinks to reds. Maybelline says it is a slim lip kohl that makes your lips pop with a creamy texture. One review said that the application head is nice and big so they are easy to apply but the whole product is slim enough to fit into a handbag zip pocket to re-apply after drinks as it doesn't last very long whilst drinking but lasts long on a day to day basis. All reviews say it is great value for £4.99 and it is really highly pigmented.
4- Smashbox Full exposure mini eyeshadow duo

I was really shocked to see this come in after all the filters I put on the search on the boots website. Smashbox is definitely more of a pricey brand so I was amazed at this only being £5. It contains the shades m3 and m5 from the full exposure palette so it gives you a little sample of what the palette may be like if you are interested in purchasing it. There is 1 shimmer shade and 1 matte shade. This would be a great product for travelling as it is a mini but you could also create quite a few looks with it. I will definitely be purchasing this next time I am near a smashbox counter.
5-  Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is just under budget - £4.99. This would be a great product if you are on the hunt for a good quality drugstore lip product. They come in 12 shades so you have a lot of choices to pick from. Rimmel claim that after it had a formula change it is now 80% shinier than it was before so it is definitely more shiny than other glosses. If you are not looking for a super super shiny gloss I don't recommend it as from the description I think it might be a little to shiny but definitely check it out anyway.

Thanks so much for reading and your continual support. Also let me know if you have tried any of these products.
Love Lou

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