Blogmas Day 1 : November Favourites

by - December 01, 2015

Hey everyone, it's my first blogmas post!!!! Today I am going to be sharing with you everything I have loved through November. Hope you enjoy! xx

The first thing I have been loving is the Maybelline 24hr Colour tattoo in 035 On and On Bronze. I know everyone talks about this but it is so good. I have used this most days and it has lasted all day. It is a gorgeous bronzey shade that was/is perfect for Autumn/Winter. In case you didn't know it is a cream eyeshadow - which can be used just as a base or completely on it's own. All the colour tattoo's are £4.99 and are available in a wide range of colours.
The next thing is the Nivea 3-in-1 micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin. As you might know my skin is quite sensitive so this is perfect for my skin. I found that with other cleansers for sensitive skin just didn't do the job and were leaving behind most of the make-up so I would have to literally scrub my face. This is completely different - it takes make-up off so easily and you don't have to scrub your face. I put a little bit onto a cotton pad and wipe it  my face. It's £3.69 and is available at Boots.

A scent I have been loving is the Soap&Glory Mist You Madly. This is probably one of my most favourite scent ever. It is light but lasts all day and is quite a floral scent. I use this nearly everyday all year round. It is also great for travelling as it is in a plastic bottle so you don't have to worry about the bottle smashing as it isn't glass. It is £4 for a smaller size and £6.50 for a bigger size.
Another thing I have been loving is Spotify. I have a Spotify account which is just louloves if you are interested in which songs I have been loving.

Also, I have been loving Soap&Glory Hand Food. I have been using this nearly everyday since it got cold because my hands get really dry easily and this has stopped my hands from getting dry and chapping a little bit. As with all Soap&Glory products it is only available at Boots and for a travel size it is £2.50 and for a big bottle it is £5.50.
A bubble bar from Lush I have been loving is Candy Mountain. This is one of the limited edition Christmas products so you will need to get it before New Year when they go out of stock. It is pink and white swirled and is a sweet scent with a bit of vanilla in it. It's £2.95 so it is one of the slightly cheaper bubble bars from Lush but still lasts the same amount of time.

A tv show I have been loving is obviously I'm a Celebrity on itv. In case you have never heard of it, it's a show where 12 celebrities go into a jungle and have to compete in bushtucker trials in order to win food for their campmates. If you have been watching it I would love to know who you are supporting to win!!

Finally, a blog of yours I have been loving is JustAddGloss.

Thanks so much for reading,
Love Lou



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