My Blogging Goals 2018 - Update 1

by - April 15, 2018

Back in January, I set myself 4 goals for my blog and instagram! It's been a few months now so I thought I'd check in and see how they're going!

1- 80,000 blog views

I'm making some great headway into this one! I'm currently sat at just under 71,000 so I should definitely reach this by the end of the year!

2- 750 Instagram followers

I've been having quite a few issues with this one... At the start of the year, I was on about 600, I then had tons of people follow me in the following weeks and managed to reach about 670, but in the 3 months or so afterwards my followers have slowly gone back down and I'm back on 596! So, I'm going to try really hard to boost it again!

3- Post on Instagram at least once every 3 days

And this is the cause of my problem in goal number 2. I've been really bad at posting to instagram and my last post was 31st march! So, I;m going to try and get back on it with my instagram game and hopefully we'll see an improvent in engagement and following!

4- Reply to all comments quickly

I've been pretty good at this one and I think all of them are up to date! Lets just hope I can keep it up!!

So, that's all for today! If you never saw my post setting out the goals, click here to have a little read! Thank you all so much for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

Lou Loves x

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