My Blog Evolution!

by - April 22, 2018

My blog has changes a lot over the past three years so I thought it was about time to take a trip down memory lane.

First off, my 3rd ever post - august favourites. Even though I still do this type of post the way I do it is verrryyy different!


I mean, I don't think you can even call it a post!!! I literally give no product info - what was I even doing?! Also, isn't that photography just off the scale great?!

Now let's fast forward to February 2016 when I created "my blogging story"


I stand by some of the things that I said in this post to this day!! I'm so thankful for all of the support you all show me day in day out and I can never thank you all enough! I do cringe a little at this post though because I was just so excited about everything (including my 15 followers!).

Next up is from my old series "Lou's Guide To..."! This series was the first time I really fell in love with blogging so these posts are really special!!


This post is so true! I hit the nail on the head here and I'd only been blogging a couple of months! This is one of about a 10 part series so make sure you go and have a look for the others because there's some cringey ones in there.

That's my first blogging year in a nutshell! Did you also notice the huge lack of spellcheck on those posts! I've really enjoyed writing this post and I've had a right giggle and some of these posts and I hope you have too! I might do another looking at my second year, so let me know if that's something you'd want to see. Thank you all so much for reading and I'll see you all next week!

Lou Loves xx

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