Review : Good Things Pore-Fectly Face Mask!

by - April 26, 2017

I have spoken about this mask from Good Things a little bit on here so I thought I would do a proper in depth review of it for you all!

First off, I'll give a little bit of info about the product before I tell you what I think of it. This is a charcoal face mask which says if purifies and adds a glow to the skin. The active charcoal is mixed with caffeine to draw out impurities for deeply cleansed, clearer looking skin. I got mine
in Boots but this product isn't on the website, but keep an eye out for it in your local store.

I'll start off with the things I love about this mask. First of all, it makes your skin look really healthy and glowy. I also found that it helped reduce redness which I wasn't expecting at all but I was really pleasantly surprised. Another thing that I love about it is that it wasn't harsh or irritating on my skin! I have really dry and sensitive skin so I was a bit apprehensive as to how harsh it would but it wasn't remotely as bad as I thought it would be. This mask is also free from : animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oils and sulphates ; it literally is just Good Things. The final thing I love about this mask is the scent. Not really something you look for in a mask but I thought this one smelt really nice and fresh and not at all chemically which some skincare products can and it really outs me off them!

Now onto the things I don't love about it as much... Although this makes your skin look really healthy it doesn't necessarily reduce blocked pores like it claims to. I find that it reduces them for about a day and then it's back to how they were! This may be because it doesn't contain any animal ingredients that other masks do but I've never tried any other vegan or vegetarian masks so I haven't really got anything to compare this to. (If you have tried a vegan mask, let me know in the comments if you found the same things that I did)

If you're looking for a mask that gets rid of blocked pores, I wouldn't recommend this but if you're just looking for a mask that makes your skin look really healthy I would 100% give this a shot!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it helps you in some way, thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you all again very soon,

Love Lou

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