*Blogger Mail Review #1

by - November 16, 2016

Hey everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Emma from @emm_azing_beauty_treats on instagram sent me some gorgeous samples. Today I'm going to be reviewing them for you all. Enjoy! xx

Emma is a distributer for NU Skin which is an amazing brand that sell incredible products! I was sent the Liquid Body Lufra and the Marine Mud Mask. You can find the link to Emma's facebook page here.

The body lufra literally looks like liquid gold! It's made with Walnut Shells and Aloe Vera so it's really natural and good for your skin. When I used this scrub it felt almost creamy which added a really nice luxurious feel to it. As I was working it into my skin, it didn't feel too bitty which I really enjoy in body scrubs. There's nothing worse than using a body scrub and all you can feel is big clumps of scrub.

This scrub left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. It wasn't harsh on my skin but I definitely exfoliated well. This is £14 for a 250ml bottle which is super affordable for the quality it is!

Emma, also sent me the Marine Mud Mask. I got 2 applications of this mask out of the pot I was sent - little definitely goes a long way with this mask. This mask exfoliates as well as deeply cleansing my skin. The mask takes 15-20 minutes to dry. Whilst it's drying, it feels really tight but in a really good way because you know it's cleaning away any impurities in your skin.

This mask made my skin feel really soft and to be honest, my skin has never looked better after using a face mask. This mask is £25 for a 200ml which should be enough for between 25 and 30 applications.

These products are incredible and I whole heartedly recommend them to any of you out there looking for some amazing new products to try out!

Thank you so much for reading this post and don't forget to follow @emm_azing_beauty_treats and instagram and hop over to Emma's facebook here.

Love Lou

Qotp - Have you ever tried any products from NU Skin?

*This products were kindly sent to me but all opinions are my own*

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