Kiko Nail Laquer Review // Collab with Beth May

by - May 27, 2016

Hey everyone, today I am going to be doing a collab with the lovely Beth May so click here to check out her post. Anyway, we will both be reviewing the Kiko Nail Laquers. I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you all very very soon. xx

I have 5 nail varnishes from Kiko but I'm going to be concentrating on 1 of them. And that is, the Frozen Smoothies Nail Varnish in the shade 011 Ribbon Pink. It is a gorgeous muted pink shade that has a slight shimmer to it which makes it shine and look really nice when it catches the light.

The packaging of this is really unusual but really cool. It has a main cap that looks like your supposed to twist it off, but in fact you just pull that lid off to reveal another ribbed lid that you then twist to open up the product, You could argue that this makes it over packaged but it's just so cool! The brush on this product is amazing and covers the nail really well and applies the product precisely and evenly. Like all kiko nail varnishes the product is really opaque and I found it only needed 1 coat compared to the usual 2 I put on other Kiko varnishes.

I love the consistency of this varnish. It looks and feels like a gel but doesn't come along with the fuss of applying a gel varnish. I would 100% recommend this range from Kiko. I would say if you can get your hands on it do as it is Limited Edition.

It is a range of 4 shades I think - Pink (this one), Orange-y, Blue and a really pale white/pink. They are £4.90 so a lot more expensive than the original range but they are so worth it.

I hope you all liked this post and I will see you very very soon,

Love Lou


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  1. loved collabbing with you! Lovely review. I love the packaging too!xx

    1. I loved collabbing with you too! Thank you and it's gorgeous isn't it!

  2. Loved this post! I will have to check out kiko's nail varnish range! X


    1. Thank you, and they are so worth it!


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