Collection Lasting Perfection Review

by - May 18, 2016

Hey everyone, and welcome to another review. It feels like it's been ages since I last did a review so I thought I would do one for you! I'm going to get straight into this but I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you very very soon. xx

I wasn't a huge fan of this concealer to be perfectly honest about you and I don't really see the hype around it. This concealer is a liquid concealer not a stick concealer like some others I have tried which has it's pros and cons. A pro of this is it blends really well as it is a liquid and this was one of the only things I liked about this. One issue with it being a liquid concealer is my bottle leaked. I don't know if all bottles do or if it was just mine but this was a major issue when I travelled.

This is a very full coverage concealer that you have to be quite careful with the amount of product you put on. When you get the right amount of product, it looks really nice and like it isn't there, but if you put too much product on it looks quite cake-y and it's pretty obvious that you are trying to cover over something.

Collection do a great colour range of concealers for pale skin which I found so useful when trying to find a concealer to suit my skin tone. The whole range however, does have an orange undertone which wasn't great for me as I have pink under tones in my skin but obviously, if you do have yellow or orange undertoned skin these concealers would be brilliant for you.

Overall, I would give the product an 8 out of 10 as it was a pretty good concealer but the orange under tones brought the score down. For the packaging, I would give it 5/10 purely because my bottle leaked in every single make up bad or make up drawer I owned.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you very very soon,

Love Lou

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  1. this is the concealer that I'm currently using & I love it! It's annoying yours leaked though!xx

    1. Maybe mine was a off product! I really wanted to like it but I didn't :(


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