Lou's Guide To : Lush Bubble Bars

by - April 18, 2016

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my Lou's Guide To series. You guys seem to like my last one - Lush Bath Bombs so, I thought I would do one for Lush Bubble Bars as well! I hope you enjoy this post!

Bubble bars are probably my favourite thing from Lush and are actually quite good value for money for how many baths I get out of a single bubble bar. Usually, I get 3-5 baths out of a bubble bar and they range from £2.95 to about £5. I crumble about a quarter of the bubble bar in at a time (depending on how big the bubble bar is.

Like the post about bath bombs, I will share with you 2 regular (all year) bubble bars, 2 Christmas ones, only 1 bubble bar from the Easter range but a bonus favourite from the Valentine's range. My all time favourite bubble bar is The Comforter. This is one of the bigger bubble bars (hence it is more expensive) this retails at £4.75. This is in a pink and white swirled pattern, I think that was why it attracted me in the first place! I think this was the first bubble bar I tried from lush, and it is still one of my favourite scents from Lush. It smells of berries but also has a sweet side to it - it's really hard to describe so next time you pop into Lush give it a sniff. They also released this as a shower cream last year which smells absolutely amazing!

 My other all year favourite Creamy Candy. I have been using this since I first starting using Lush products. It is brilliant but is also pretty small - I usually get 2/3 baths out of it. It's a baby pink colour and has a flower on the top. I also really like the smell of this, to me it smells sweet with a hint of vanilla - pretty much my perfect scent! As this is one of the smaller bubble bars, it is also cheaper, and retails for £2.95.

The first Christmas bubble bar I love, is Peeping Santa. This bubble bar has 2 sections to it. It looks a little bit like a strawberry with cream in the middle but is also designed to look like a Santa hat with white in the middle and the cutest little bell. This is a fruity scent with bergamot and geranium oil in it so it makes your skin really soft. I get 3 baths out of it so it's one of normal size bubble bar - it's £3.95. Another Christmas limited products I love is Magic Wand. It is a pink and silver glittery star with a stick attached to it so that you swirl in the bath whilst it's running and it smells like snow fairy. I get 7 or 8 baths out of it so it is definitely worth the £5.25 it costs. It also has a little bell attached to ribbon which is tied onto the stick but obviously if you find these annoying whilst swirling it in the bath you can just un-tie the ribbon to take it off.

The one Easter product I love is Ladybird. This was released for the first time this year.It is a red ladybird with a purple head and purple spots. It smelt fruity, which I really liked. The only complaint I have about this is, it was so hard to break. It took me ages to break a little bit off but, apart from that it was one of my favourite limited edition bubble bars.

The Valentine's favourite I love is Unicorn Horn. I think this is just about everyone's favourite limited product. Whenever I went into lush, they never had any, but my parents managed to get their hands on one for me! This is a multi coloured swirl that looks exactly like how I would imagine a Unicorn Horn - also, it smells amazing!

That's all for now guys, thank you so much for reading and I will see you very very soon,
Love Lou

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  1. I love love love the comforter <3 xx


  2. Pop in the Bath was the first bubble bar I tried! Yet I haven't picked up the comforter yet and have heard so many wonderful things about it xo


    1. I love Pop in the Bath too! You should definitely pick up the comforter - I promise you wont be disappointed.

  3. The comforter is my all time favourite bubble bar as well! I just love the smell so much ! The little lady Bird looks so cute and the unicorn horn is so colourful !! Great post! X


    1. It's great! They are both adorable! Thank you xx


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